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July 20, 2008

"Truly emotional art"

I got into the cure in High School 1997. I started hangin out with some people who were really into it. I had a trip with them one night and they played The Head On The Door, and that was it, I was hooked. From then on I slowly bought every cd. and pretty much became obsessed with them. The darkness, the mystery, their ability to make you feel 10 moods in one sitting. It was an amazing time for me.

Through the years I have gained more respect for them, rather than being completely fascinated by them in the beginning. I am still fascinated, but in a respectful kind of way. Now that I am a little older you realize how human they are, and how those emotions make so much more sense now. I am also an artist and I think that is why I connect with The Cure's music so much, because their music is truly emotional art.
(From: Bbbe Ghor - whereabouts: unknown)

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