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July 20, 2008

"It happened way back in 1980"

It happened way back in 1980, during a summer sailing camp, in Friesland, The Netherlands.
Some of my fellow-campers took a casette-tape (CD's and CD-players were not invented yet) of The Cure with him: The Boys Don't Cry album. Basicaly it played all week and that is when, how and where I was struck by The Cure. That same year I saw the band for the first time live. In Nijmegen, 19-10-1980.

After that, The Cure has always been the guide-line in my musical experiences. Since then I saw them in Holland, England and Belgium some 18 times. Last two gigs were this March in Antwerpen (Belgium) and Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

The Cure (for a good understanding, their music and not Robert and co) has been a great support for me in hard periods as well in periods of greater happiness. Actualy, The Cure became a significant part of my life since that week in 1980.

And about the present Cure. Well, the way they play now, comes rather close to their 1980/1982 period. Pure, melancholic, not to complicated. And a little strange, like in "Freak Show".
What I miss a little, is the more doomy part. The All Cats Are Grey, Funeral Party and Siamese Twins experience.
I am looking forward to the new album. Let's see what Robert is gonna offer us.

(From: Ronald Kersten, age 44, The Netherlands)

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