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July 20, 2008

"My first party"

I´m 38 Years old/young and looking forward to the new Cure album so much!!!

My first contact with The Cure – music was at a party. It was mid-August 1985, I was 15 and at my first party, at my first girlfriend's.
I was shocked about the people with black clothes and the white faces and very special shoes!! I'd never seen before people with hair like Robert and the dancing style was very unusual. All the black-clothes people were dancing to The Cure only. Some of them to Depeche Mode too. I remember that I was impressed. The album Standing On The Beach was playing all night! And I had enough time to watch and listen. With every note more I grew more enthusiastic about the music. Not for the guests. In short. I left my girlfriend two years later but I won a new love until today “THE CURE”. I've listened to their music since that party and been to their gigs since “the prayer tour 1989”. I've seen them live 8 times. My last concert was in 2008 in Oberhausen.
(From: Frank Kronenfeld - whereabouts, unknown)

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