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July 23, 2008

A question of tats

The first song I heard was In Between Days when i was 8. I liked it, but I had no idea that the group was The Cure.

The years went by and, when I was 11, a friend gave me a tape. It was Standing On A Beach,
I really didn’t know what to expect. When I put on my walkman, the first song I listened to was Charlotte Sometimes, then Boys Don’t Cry, then recognized the song I'd heard years before, In Between Days, which was a shock. A month after, somebody gave me Faith….. Since that moment, almost 17 years ago, I’ve been into The Cure.

The Cure came into my life and brought a lot of changes. I was changing my mind, changing my life, I just began to write stories and The Cure came just to save my life, literally. The first time I listened to them, I was in a karate class and I just dropped that.

Of course my relationship with The Cure has changed, it has become closer. For me, every moment of my life is related to a Cure song, maybe its weird, but it is the truth, specific moments and great changes have been marked by a Cure song. When I met The Cure, it was really good music and the discovery of a new group, a new life, a new way of thinking. Now, it is like someone’s said, it is the soundtrack of my life, it is just devotion for The Cure.
(From: Yessica Sanchez, Mexico City, Mexico)

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Anonymous said...

beautiful tattoo!