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July 20, 2008

Tim Pope's videos

I was nine years old when I first heard Robert Smith croon. It was 1991, and the Picture Show VHS cassette was played in heavy rotation at "The Planet," a non-profit children's summer program that I attended, where kids learned to do wood shop, arts and crafts, and kit- built radio controlled cars. I was enrolled at The Planet because it was a young boy's paradise. The Cure was an incidental (but totally surreal and mesmerizing!) backdrop keeping everyone company while they worked.

As I would later come to understand, The Planet's founders: Dave, Tom, Al, and Sophia - a group of original hippies who continued discovering psychedelic music that picked up where the Rock and Roll of the 60s left off - were avid Cure devotees and found Tim Pope's music videos to be both innocent and provocative enough to entertain children ages 8-13. Consequently, after that summer of The Cure pumping through my ears, I purchased my first audio cassette: Mixed Up. I would later work at The Planet myself, having become lifelong family with Dave, Tom, Al, and Sophia. And we're still blasting The Cure!
(From: Jordan, California, USA)

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