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July 22, 2008

"Nothing sounded familiar"

I got into The Cure when I was 18 years old. The year was 1991 and I was invited to a going away party. When I arrived at the party my taste in music was nothing even close to The Cure. I was mainly into hair bands and things like that. However as the party was going I noticed this sound coming from the stereo and really liked it. Then another song came on and that was even more catchy. I asked someone who that was and they said its a band called The Cure. So the next day I went to the CD store and purchased Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me and brought it home. I played a few songs but nothing sounded familiar. I got upset thinking I bought the wrong CD. I went to CD store and exchanged CD's.

I exchanged the Kiss Me CD for what was about to become my all time favorite CD Disintegration. I still play that CD all the time. I never get sick of it. I think the funniest thing about it was the people at the party were playing the Kiss Me CD so I had it right the time. By me exchanging CD's introduced to more music by The Cure so everything worked out for a reason. My music taste has changed alot over the years and now just about all music I listen has been influenced by The Cure in some way. I can't wait to see them in May.

(From: Chris Swartz - whereabouts: unknown)

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