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July 22, 2008


I recall when my brother (6 years older than myself) brought home with him in the summer of 1987 the Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me vinyl a friend hand lent him to tape... (that's how you did it back then) - immediately the songs grew on me but not all of them. Especially the poppy ones.

A few weeks later he brought The Head On The Door album and I kept listening to it through the tape recordings. In early 1989 I got an hold of the Staring At The Sea VHS tape (and copied it...) and then Disintegration was all over the radio....But by this time what excited me the most were their poppy side. The Staring At The Sea pre-83 videos and other bands I began listening from 1988 onwards (Jesus And Mary Chain, Echo And The Bunnymen, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Sisters Of Mercy, Smiths, The Clash, etc) which I think I got into because of The Cure, turned my taste into other sounds...

In 1990 (I was 16 years old) I began buying their back catalogue in CD and I bought the Mixed Up double vinyl when it came out but sold it cheaper two weaks later. I was already a demanding fan.In 1992 Wish was the first album i was looking forward to buy months before it came out. I enjoyed well enough but I was already going into deep gothic rock.I only saw them twice - In their second time in Portugal (July the 5th 1995) and on their last (March the 8th 2008)The first time they came to Portugal I was too young and too unaware... and I never saw them abroad although I was planning on going on the 2000 Dream Tour into Spain but my friends cancelled the trip on the 25th hour...

Nowadays I still worship the old days and Robert means a lot to me. I acknoledge the doors they opened in my head soundwise but their new music does not mean that much to me. (I barely hear their self titled 2004 album). But I'm still following their news, counting the days before a new release and expecting something great... which never happens and I always feel let down.I'm now living with my 14 years long girlfriend which was also an early Cure fan (she was 11 on 1987 when she devoured the Kiss Me album). But she then turned more into a predominent Siouxsie And The Banshees side in 1988... although being an huge fan and follower of The Cure until 1992 (relationship regained in 2000 but lost again until she finally saw them live 2 months ago...) I began a blog titled The Cure - Forever Project in which I plan to post all (?) the different version of their live improv song (Forever).
(From: Luis Oliveira, age 34, Portugal)

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