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July 23, 2008

A Strange Day

I was given the LP Pornography in 1984 and couldn't take it off the turntable for months...This is a bit personal and naive, but there was this girl I really liked and when she broke up with me i was really distraught for months (I was 17 years old), and I used to listen to A Strange Day for hours on end, feeling really down...

At this time i didn't know any other Cure songs...only months later did I realise they had some more upbeat ones! (Inbetween Days came out 6 months after my little episode)...
Whenever I hear this song, I do have similar feelings to the ones I had back then...it's just that I have now learn NOT to get so down when a girl break up with me ;)

(From: JCM, London, England)

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