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July 23, 2008

"The Roxy"

I got into The Cure aged 14 when Catch was in the charts, and they appeared on a UK TV show called The Roxy which I was videoing for footage of A-ha or someone. I then bought Staring at the Sea and watched it obsessively every day for months, got Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me for my birthday in the November (couldn't afford to buy albums myself in those days) and the rest is history. Within a very short space of time I'd died my blonde hair black and ditched my teen idols for a life of Cure idolatry, which was renewed with a vengeance 20 years later when I saw them for the ninth time at Wembley last month. If you really love them, I don't think it ever dies.

(From: Joanne Nightingale, England)

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