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July 22, 2008


I grew up in East Berlin. Rias broadcasted Lullaby and Lovesong in 1989. Time was very exciting, because the "revolution" was taking place, I was 13 and was very into music, especially the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing. I loved those two songs. when the wall came down and I attended school in West Berlin, my new friend Rebecca posessed tapes of the cure, because her uncle had been a big fan. We exchanged the tapes. I listened to them on and on, during the breaks, on the way to and from school, in the evening, alone or with Rebecca. The highlight was their concert in 1992. I cried almost the whole time. I had a little break when Wild Moon Swings was released but from the Berlin concert 2000 on, I grew bigger and bigger fan.
(From: Yvonne Chadde', East Berlin, Germany)

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