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July 20, 2008

"Permanently hooked"

I always thought their videos were really interesting when watching MTV during the 80’s and although I liked mainstream hairband shit at the time, I always respected Robert’s uniqueness and thought the songs were great.

Then, in 1990, my freshman year in college, a friend gave me a copy of Disintegration, and the first time I listened all the way through, I nearly wept. “This is it!” I though, “this is my music.” I soon obtained The Head on the Door and Kiss Me albums, and I was thoroughly, completed and, apparently, permanently hooked.

My feelings for The Cure and Robert in particular have matured. Whereas he was something of a demigod to me in the past, I now admire him as a great artist with a terrific work-ethic. Even their performances have gotten better and better over the years. I admire the great effort they put into everything they do—and that they’ve rarely compromised although there have been many missteps (see Wild Mood Swings) along the way. Their flubs show them as mere mortals like the rest of us, and make their many moments of brilliance glow all the more.

Their music has been the soundtrack of my life for 18 years now, and will stay with me—I’m quite certain—to the end.

(from: Jeff Kowalski, USA)

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