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July 20, 2008

"I cannot imagine a life without their music"

I can honestly say I do not know how I got into the Cure at first, although I was definitely at school in the very late 80’s (I am 34 this year!). It must have been through friends as we were all into alternative music. I remember buying Boys Don’t Cry and being blown away by its simplicity yet its power. Then listening to Disintegration for the first time and being utterly confused by how different and yet amazing Plainsong sounded. It was then a mission to find everything inbetween and became thoroughly absorbed by the journey and history of the band.

I saw them live for the first time at the Brits (Wembley Arena) in '91 and it was like nothing I had ever heard before, then again in Cambridge at the beginning of the Wish tour. My Cure T-shirts and manic dancing to Lovecats was always magnetic and several girlfriends were met as a direct result!

My love affair with the band waned through the late 90s as I grew up for a while and then something happened to me in 2003 and I was hooked again. The Cure arrived in the post on the first day of release, I saw them again – by travelling to Ireland for the DAY in 2004 and then again in Antwerp last month. Hardly a day goes by without my listening to something Cure related and looking for album/tour details on COF.

Robert and the band have been so much a part of more than half my life and I cannot imagine a life without their music. Some songs move me even when I hear them for the 7843rd time!
P.S. Of course I didn’t tell you that for the Cambridge gig I died my hair black and backcombed it. Unfortunately by the following day it had gone blue and got ripped in the VI form common room!!!!
(from: Robert Ellinor, England)

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