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July 23, 2008

"A beautiful chaos"

When I was 8 years old ( now I'm 30), my older brothers were all the way into the punk style... It's 1986, Standing On The Beach is on , A Forest is the next song, suddenly something happens to me, that voice calls me, make me feel different, but i was too young to know what i know now... That beat invade my head and stay there for years, over and over... The years go by, and my musical experience has change, always under The Cure influence. I changed my hair, my clothes, everything! That music made me change my life, it was like someone was written my life, lyrics became real, words so strong and beautiful, it's a beautiful chaos.

(From: Carlos Astros, Venezuela)


El PoetA de la BasurA said...

Hey Peeps Thanks for posting that...That´s my mexican tattoo for the 4Tour... Thanks again!

vmag said...

The best fan story!