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July 20, 2008

"it was a massive change in the way I perceived music"

I'm 34 and I first heard of the Cure when I was 15. I heard Lullaby on the radio and instantly liked it, I then bought Disintegration and it was a massive change in the way I perceived music. It also perfectly matched with my "teenage angst". I became a fan and started to gather everything about them, and I've been a huge "encyclopedic" fan since then.

My relation to The Cure shifted throughout the years, in the sense that in the first years I listened only to that. But the longer and longer gaps between the records allowed me (together with some more maturity) to listen to other kind of music. But as soon as there is some movement on COF, I start listeing to them again. As I started with Disintegration it is clear that Wish then even more Wild Mood Swings and to a lesser extent Bloodflowers were disappointments, but it is normal, as these records are less inspired and I was also out of my teenage vision and I was growing up. Lately (since 2004) I had ambiguous feelings about the band, mainly because of Robert. I still love the music, but Robert's attitude is getting on my nerves a lot. It all started when Roger was fired (one of my favourite side of the band is the plainsong-like sound of the keyboards, and I really miss it), and also during that mini-war with COF, that I found really unfair.

My favourite band member has always been Simon, and I started playing bass thanks to him. I really liked Porl at the time. Now that he's back, due to the fact that it matched Roger's departure, I am not so sure I'm that happy (many of my fav songs are more atmospheric and require ghostly keys). I never really enjoyed Perry and his departure didnt change anything. Jason is transparant.

As anyone, I always have good memories of Boris, but to tell the truth, when I listen to Entreat, I find the drum playing far too present and too fast and too strong. I also disliked the way I was starting to change some songs (In Your House on Paris is awful). Lately, I really didn't understand why they would do a world tour without the album, playing festival setlists, although they perfectly know that the venues are filled with "real fans" as these concerts are sold out without any supporting material nor publicity. I'm looking forward to hearing the new record though, and even hope for some more concerts in fall, to support the new album, when it is finally released!

(From: Eric, Belgium)

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