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July 20, 2008

"Pictures of You"

I became a Cure fan because of a very tragic moment in my life, when I was a senior in High School I was in love with this girl and all she talked about was The Cure. So one day I asked her who The Cure were, she just smiled and said "a very great band". A year after we graduated I lost track of her so one day I decided to get a hold of her, it so happens her aol screen name was cure213.

So when I attempted to get hold of her I got no response, it turn out that she had passed away that night. She was killed by a drunk driver, so when I found out I was devistated. I was so mad that I never got a chance to tell her how I felt about her, the night after her funeral I decided to download a bunch of Cure songs to see what she loved about them so much. The first song I heard was Pictures Of You the song brought tears to my eyes, ever since that day I have been a huge Cure fan. Their music touches me and they sing to my soul.

(From: Bobby Vela, Texas, USA)

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