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July 20, 2008

Good Times Bad Times

It was 1989 and I was in 6th grade (10 years old) living in Guadalajara Mexico. The song Lovesong was being played on the radio a lot so there is no way you could have missed them during that time. I loved that song so a friend of mine let me borrow the album (Disintegration). I immediately fell in love with the entire album. I would fall asleep playing the album, lights off, stereo next to my bed, beautiful music. My friends and I then started finding out more about them, I bought the Kiss Me album after that and then Starting at the sea. I remember watching The Cure specials on TV where they showed their videos. They were just big when Disintegration came out. I became a BIG fan of the cure during that time. When Wish came out it made my passion for them even stronger. I had all their albums at that point.

Then something happened to them during the Wild Mood Swings era. I wasn't really excited about it and I didn't even bought the album. I still loved them for everything else they had done before but their new songs weren't that great for my taste. I can say that I was a little dissapointed. By the time the The Cure album came out I had forgotten a little about them but that album sounded more like The Cure and it felt like they were back. I liked it a lot and reinforced my passion for them. To finish up, I want to say that I have loved The Cure from the moment they came into my life, during the good times, and the bad times, so for this reason, I consider myself a BIG fan, because no matter what, I'm still here, anxious to hear new songs and see them live.

(From: Ernesto, Houston TX, USA)

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