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July 20, 2008

"That was the very beginning and it never stopped"

I was 14 when a schoolmate told me I should borrow The Secret Gig from our local library. A few days later, on a sunny day, I was riding my bicycle whilst listening to the tape I had recorded. (walkman...)
Well, I can't remember which song I was listening to, I just was amazed by the whole sound of the cd. Soon... I was 'in' it, and I didn't get 'out' of it.

So that was the very beginning and it never stopped ... It's hard to describe how I got into The Cure, because today they still impress me the same way as they did 13 years ago ...

I remember my parents telling me 'Don't listen to The Cure all day long, you are going to get bored of it very soon'.
Well, another case which proves that parents aren't right all the time, cause now, 13 years later, The Cure are still my most favourite band.
(from Hendrik - whereabouts: unknown)

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