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July 20, 2008


It was DC 1986, and I was 15. An old friend and I had been seeing people in Georgetown with the Cure written on bags, bags with Cure pins on them, and we got curious. Went out and bought the Standing on the Beach cassette, the one with the B sides. Absolutely loved it, started to buy all Cure music we could find!

And then lo and behold, they were touring in '86, went with a big group of friends and had an amazing time, of course!

My attitude toward them has not changed at all in the past 22 years. I still love the music, love going to concerts, and buy all music I can. There have been stages in my teen and very early 20's when I was into different music, but I've always gone back to the Cure, and actually have turned many friends onto the Cure who didn't know them before.

(From: Avalon1970, Washington DC, USA)

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